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Christopher Holt of London UK 07881.950.709

1. How can I buy a license to use your images?

You can search the inhouse library and buy online here:

You can download images from Alamy here.
Newspapers and agencies use this frequently.

You can also email us to buy direct:
Costing depends on the size of the image and the print run

2. Where can I find more of your images?

For more images, visit the photo archive

3. Why buy from Christopher Holt?

I take great care with all of my images, whether in digital format or on film and requiring scanning & fine tuning. This ensures the highest quality product for you, the customer.

I also update the library on a week on week basis – this ensures fresh new content on a frequent basis.

I understand that a fair price is required for those who buy from me. If you require more than one image, I can also discount the total.

4. Is it secure ordering online?

The photo archive uses a Paypal based account so you can either pay buy Paypal or by credit card. Paypal is an extremely secure world class payment system.

If you buy through Alamy, you can either pay through your account and arrange payment terms with them. If you buy direct from my company, you can pay online and also use Paypal (using the photo archive).

5. Can I contact you with more stock photgraphy enquiries ?

You can email me on -mail@christopherholt.com

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