London Pictures - Black & White photo gallery
BW travel photography by Christopher Holt

Gallery 02: These images were taken around London England
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taxi and docklands in bw
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view from tower bridge - click to zoom

gherkin and church in bw
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gherkin and church - click to zoom

london tube and bus
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Tube sign and bus - click to zoom

london prints
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Piccadilly Circus - London

london in black and white - zoom >
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Smithfield's - London

st james park - zoom >
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St James's Park lake

battersea power station - zoom >
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Battersea Power Station

tower bridge and thames in bw
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view from st pauls - click to zoom

gherkin and lloyds building in bw
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gherkin swiss re and lloyds

london tube and portcullis house - zoom >
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London Underground sign and Portcullis House

st paul's taxi - zoom >
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St Pauls

london taxi and bus - zoom >
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Fleet Street - London

the thames - zoom >
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The Thames

st paul's cathedral - zoom >
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St Paul's Cathedral

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