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Construction Photography Gallery
images by uk photographer Christopher Holt

More information:

I'm a qualified civil engineer and professional photographer, undertaking construction photography in the UK and abroad. I combine engineering experience and professional photography expertise and undertake progress photography shoots. There's a list of companies that I've worked for at the bottom of this page.

To commission construction photography, please ring: 07881-950-709
Most shoots qualify for 250GBP per day.

a3 tunnel
A3 tunnel construction

building photography
HDR building photography image

china construction
construction scene in China

liverpool redevelopment
Liverpool construction images

cranes in london
London Construction cranes

docklands buildings
London Docklands

croydon redevelopment
Croydon redevelopment

a3 carriageway
A3 Carriageway construction

construction hdr images
UK construction photography

industrial images
Industrial HDR images

High Speed Rail in Kent UK

uk industrial photography
Industrial photography in 2010

uk industrial photography
HDR industrial images

liverpool construction
Liverpool construction

liverpool redevelopment
Liverpool Development

maritime dredging
Maritime dredging project

Construction Photography in England

Some of the companies I have worked with:

Structural Engineering Companies: Ove Arup Associates, Flint and Neill Partnership, Brian Clancy Ltd, Clarke Smith Partnership, Owen Williams.
Civil Engineering Companies: Amec Marine Division, Amec Airport Division, Van Oords.
Building Companies: John Lelliot Construction (now Lelliot-Bovis).
Municipal Authorities: Poole Harbour Commissioners, Haringey Council, British Rail Civil Engineering, Colchester Borough Council, Central Government

More information and pictures at

Copyright (c) 2010 Christopher Holt LTD

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